New Year’s Resolutions – how to achieve your goals

5 Jan

English: New Year's Resolutions postcard


I’ve always been a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. There’s something about new year, a new beginning and new chances that is so enchanting. I usually get swept away with the promise of a fresh start and new beginnings.  Making resolutions isn’t difficult but keeping them is easier said than done. But I’m not giving up before I even begin. I believe it’s better to start making few positive changes in your life in stead of not trying at all.


I’ve set up a plan on how I’m going to achieve my resolutions this year. I will share this with you as I hope it can also help you to keep your New Year’s Resolutions. My tips are following:


Make a resonable plan: Have a goal that’s realistic, something that you’ve been thinking about for a while, You need to give yourself direction how to achieve your new years resolution. You also need to have a reasonable time frame. The more details and parameters you have, the easier it will be to reach your goal.Write your goal down and keep it in view as a reminder so that you won’t forget about them. Some people say that it is important to share the resolutions with family, friends and even coworkers. I guess that’s personal whether or not you like to share it.


Be Prepared For Changes: Changes are always challenging. Make a list about the benefits that will come if you will follow through your resolution. That will encourage you to follow it through even though it’s tough.


Reward Yourself: Set up some kind of system to reward yourself when you’ve been efficiently following the new year’s resolution plan.


Be Aware of Your Weakness and Strength: You have to know your faults so that you can correct them. Use your strengths to help you overcome those weaknesses.


Avoid temptations: Avoid tempting situations if you’re trying to quit something.


No Guilt Trips: If you suffer a setback to your New Year’s resolutions, don’t let it get to you. Just get right back on track and don’t blame yourself or feel badly for lack of self control. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat it.


Positivity: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed but you must believe that you can do it and that you have it in you to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that small improvements counts too!



2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions – how to achieve your goals”

  1. sherryfletcher January 6, 2013 at 4:33 am #

    Great work! Some good tips!

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