Healthy lifestyle – it’s about making right choices

16 Oct

It is all about the choices we make. We all know how to make these so called right choices, listening to our parents as we were growing up “Eat your vegetables“,  “It´s not good for you to eat so much sweets“, does it bring back memories? So we have the knowledge but still it can be difficult to make those choices because delicious slice of your favorite pie is more tempting than a fruit salad. To often I convince myself to choose the pie and then afterwards regret the decision.This is of course a lack of self control and motivation. Why is it that I always make sure that my kids eats healthy but at the same time be so careless about what I eat. Now it is time to move towards healthier lifestyle for me. To make this choice easier for me in the future I have made it more visual for me. This method I would like to share with you.

You can choose which one of those two you want.

          or                          Fruit Salad

Is it still difficult to make the “right” choice? Then I ask you again which one of those persons below would you choose to be.


This is what the choice really is about. So are you up for the challenge?




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